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ADOS-2 for Adult and Forensic Services

Duration: 4 days

Price: 950.00 ex VAT for non-residential


The course leads to full ADOS-2 accreditation but focusses its content on the use of ADOS-2 with older clients in an adult or forensic environment. All 5 ADOS-2 modules are covered but with a special emphasis on modules 3 and 4, and on the use of modules 1 and 2 with non-verbal adults.

On completion of the course together with associated pre and post course assignments, delegates will be equipped to administer and code the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2) to the level of Research Reliability.

The course is suitable for users of the original ADOS as well as users of ADOS-2.

The ADOS was created by Catherine Lord, Ph.D., Michael Rutter, M.D., FRS, Pamela C. DiLavore, Ph.D., and Susan Risi, Ph.D. The second edition, ADOS-2, was released in May 2012. ADOS-2 is published by Western Psychological Services.


You may be a psychologist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist, speech and language therapist or similar, working with adults in a clinical or forensic environment. No prior experience of ADOS or ADOS-2 is expected, but you will typically be working as a clinician, part of a clinical team or part of a research team.

BeginningwithA reserves the right to refuse applications from anyone who appears to have insufficient experience to benefit from the course. Participants must have access to an ADOS Kit (Hogrefe product code 5580001) or ADOS-2 Kit if they wish to complete the post-course assignments for research reliability.


The ADOS-2 functions by eliciting specific behaviours in the client. However, the way you might elicit those behaviours in a 6 year old is very different from methods you might use for a 60 year old. This course deals with problems such as identifying age-appropriate activity. It also covers security issues, both in the physical items in the kit and in the exchange of information that takes place during ADOS-2 administration.

You will experience a mix of presentations and practical activities based on videos and live ADOS-2 administrations. You will receive a comprehensive course workbook as well as all coding booklets required for administrations coding during the course. Throughout the course there are ample opportunities for questions and discussion.

On successful completion, you will be awarded a certificate of course completion to Clinical Reliability. Optionally you may also undertake post-course practical assignments to be assessed for Research Reliability.

The course is designed and led by Dr Carol Stott. Carol is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and is regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. In addition to her extensive clinical and research work with autism, she is about to complete an MSc in Forensic Psychology with the University of Liverpool.

The price per delegate includes all course materials, lunch and refreshments. The fee does not include an evening meal or overnight accommodation.


The BRS Conference Centre, Newmarket


Courses run from 9.30am to 4.30pm on each day, with morning refreshments served from 9.00am. There is a 1 hour break for lunch and 15-minute breaks in the mornings and afternoons.

Payment Terms

Payment in full is required at least 4 weeks prior to commencement of the course. An invoice will be issued on acceptance of a course application.


For enquiries please email enquiries@beginningwitha.com
or telephone +44(0)1223 633695.

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