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A comprehensive course that brings you to a point where you're more confident using ADOS-2. Particularly pleased that there is support post-course to develop confidence in scoring and administration. TB - Clinical Psychologist
A thorough introduction to presentation of ASD across all ages and abilities with clear instruction towards reliable classification. RL - UCL
A thorough introduction to the ADOS. The interactive style, along with various supporting activities and resources made the training accessible and useful in terms of further developing clinical skills. Thank you. ET - Clinical Psychologist
A very useful course and extremely well taught. AW - Consultant Psychiatrist
A well organised and thorough exploration of ADOS-2 administration and coding. No Name - None
BeginningwithA are professional and excellent. Thank you for the wonderful experience. FR - Occupational Therapist
Carol delivered engaging and interesting training, which acknowledged and drew on the professional knowledge and expertise of the room. I particularly valued the practical tips and 'real-world' view for understanding clinical limitations. Thank you for an excellent week!ST - SLT- NHS Foundation Trust
Carol Stott is a very knowledgeable teacher on ASD and the ADOS/ADI, but I also like the fact that she doesn't claim to know it all and reflects that there are still a lot of unknowns on the subject. AB - Clinical Psychologist
Carol was a fantastic trainer- information was well paced and relevant, good opportunities for discussion. I now feel that I could administer an ADOS. SW (please don't use my name in publicity) - NHS
Carol was the most knowledgeable, professional, but friendly presenter on a very difficult subject. TN - CAMHS Nurse
Carol, thank you so much for a wonderful course. I've learned so much from you and found talking to you very interesting and enlightening. Magda - Lecturer
Carol, you were a great teacher. You created a very open, discussive learning environmnet which I really feel I've benefited from. Thank you!! FG - Birkbeck, University of London
Carol's great experience with the ADOS from its inception and use both clinically and as a research tool makes her an excellent trainer. Her sympathetic, open and understanding manner only assist your learning further. AB - NHS
Course presenter was excellent. AF - Child Psychologist
Dr. Carol is an excellent teacher. AR - Osaka University/Japan
Excellent combination of explanation, use of video, and individual and group coding. CE - CPN
Excellent course, the tutor was very patient and accomodating to people's learning styles. She took time to prepare people and support them when they needed clarity. KK - CAM HS Practitioner
Excellent course, with a tutor that captivated our attention and is obviously extremely knowledgeable within her field. AJP - Specialist Nurse Advisor- Child Development
Excellent course. Very important to our daily clinic practice. MK - Senior Consultant Pediatrician
Excellent delivery from Carol. Very interactive course, allowing plenty of time for questions, clarification, and discussions. JJ - Clinical Specialist OCC Therapist
Excellent training course. Covered very relevant clinical skills. EN - Clinical Psychologist
Excellent training- I feel I have a very good grounding in ADI-R administration and interpretation. AM - Clinical Psychologist
Excellent training, good mix of practical and discursive opportunity. Easy and relaxed style with a good sized group. MK - Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Extremely helpful and interactive training workshop. Very well structured training. RG - Forensic Psychiatry Specialist
Extremely knowlegeable examiner- provided detail needed for course expectations. LF - Clinical Psychologist
Facilitator was very knowledgeable and the pace of the course was just right. No Name - None
Fantastic pace with fully analysed arguments, experienced trainer, and very good videos. VH - Oxford NHS
Good course with good follow up which supports my clinical practice and is useful in my area of work. AB - Service Lead/Nurse Consultant
Good to have training that provides insight so that I know the essential features and can be sure that 'real life' admininstration retains essential features. Depth of experience is clear! SD - EP with Halton BC
Great course, great opportunities to interact! Thanks. SCZ - Consultant Community Paediatrician
Great course. Very informative and met all expectations. The course presenter was very knowledgeable and approachable. SH - Speech and Language Therapist
Great introduction to not only the measure but autism as a condition. Enjoyed the continued reference back to clinical practice and the debates around conceptualising such difficulties. LB - Clinical Psychologist
Greatly increased my confidence in using the ADI-R No Name - None
Highly professional trainer, very informative and deep insight about ADOS-2. Appreciate the quality effort taken by Dr. Carol Stott. TI - Speech Path- HMC
I didn't volunteer to attend this training and, to be honest, wasn't looking forward to 5 days focused on the ADOS. I am so pleased to have attended and never imagined that I would feel so inspired and interested in the ADOS by the end. Carol- you're amazing. KD - Clinical Psychologist
I feel compedent in delivering the ADOS in a clinical setting as the course was understandable and made ready for the workplace. JGJ - 2gether Trust/CAMHS
I found the course really interesting. Carol has been great, answering all questions. It has made me think aboout ADOS in my practice. NB - NHS
I found this course useful and helpful as I had no familiarity with ADI-R. MK - Psychologist
I really enjoyed the whole course. Carol presented the materials well and her anecdotal examples and experience adds such value to learning. The method of teaching works well with the video examples for coding practice. The course will be very valuable to inform my practice and I would certainly recommend it to others. AB - Emotional Health and Wellbeing Worker
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was a nice size group which created a sense of intimacy and allowed for much opportunity to ask questions. Questions were always met well by Carol and answered. Thanks. SL - Children's Occupational Therapist
I thought the training was well presented, well delivered, with the right balance between teaching, observation, participation and discussion. CT - Clinical Psychologist
I was very nervous coming on the course, but from Day 1 I was able to understand the coding and the items used and why. The method and quality of teaching is such that I'm sad it's over. FS - Speciality Doctor in Community Paediatrics
I'd recommend this course to other colleagues. Carol is very experienced in this field. No Name - None
Information and training presented was easily understood for all levels of professionals. RM - OJ (or OT?)
It was a very informative training. I really enjoyed it. MP - PhD Student
One of the best training courses to get a good understanding and hands-on experience in ADOS-2 and practical issues regarding ADOS diagnosis.KP - University
Overall excellent course, very engaging, detailed, interesting content. Great opportunities to really get to know the material and coding. KG - Clinical Psychologist
Really interesting course. Trainer was excellent and showed great skill and knowledge. PL - LD Nurse
Really liked having the opportunity to watch videos of administration and discuss the coding. Facilitators were very knowledgeable and were able to provide lots of examples, which was useful. Really enjoyed the course; thank you! No Name - None
Really well informed trainer and very good training session. PT - University of Kant
Sissy and Carol (our trainers) were both brilliant. Intelligent, clear, reflective teaching. The course was enormously informative and also really good fun to do. Thank you! AW - Research Fellow and Clinical Psychologist
Thank you so much for such an informative and well presented four days. I can't believe you fit so much in! I've learned so much and feel that I'm ready to tackle the ADOS in clinical practice. MH - University of Birmingham
Thanks for a well organised course. Dr. Carol was very nice and patient with participants and she was kind to answer all our concerns. I truly admire her skill in teaching. HM - General Pediatrics Specialist
The course has helped to reframe some of my clinical observations and enhance my knowledge base for the better. Carol is so knowledgeable and approachable and delivered a really great course! AMD - NHS
The course helped me to - understand the condition (ASC) - understand the areas of assessment - feel confident in putting together a diagnosis JQ - Community Paidicle(?)
The course is really helpful for the better understanding of ADOS-2 administration and coding. MR - King's College London
The course is very comprehensive and extremely practical. I feel confident in administering the ADOS-2 now. SS - University Health Board
The course provided an excellent overview of the ADOS-2 modules and the combination of teaching and practise helped to give me confidence in scoring and administration. Highly recommended! RC - Clinical Psychologist
The course was exceptionally well organised and thorough. The training videos and coding discussions were particularly informative. The live demonstration was a highlight. Thank you for a job well done!!! AA - Doctoral Researcher
The course was very interactive and immersive. There were lots of opportunities to ask questions and clarify. IY - PhD Student
The course was well organized. There was lots of time for questions and answers. Course content was clear and easy to follow. SA - Psychologist
The facilitator was wonderful. She was very clear and highly experienced. She was very open to questions and discussion. SC - Psychologist
The materials and trainer were excellent AO - Consultant Clinical Psychologist
The training answered all my questions (and many more!). Thank you! RDO - Clinical Psychologist
This course has really helped me along my journey to competence in ADOS-2 administration. I feel armed with great information and guidance. LJ - Clinical Nurse
This course is very good for learning ADOS2 in both clinical and research use. AN - Chiba University, Japan
This course was both extremely informative and beneficial for learning the necessary elements of the ADOS-2, but was also really enjoyable and well led. LT - CAM HS LDT
This course was great- as a complete beginner it has given me the understanding and confidence to use ADOS clinically. LSC - Oxford Health NHS
This was my first experience and introduction to the ADOS. I found it very interesting and it has given me a greater understanding of being able to recognise particular features of autism. DD - Service Coordinator- Youth
Thoroughly enjoyed both the ADI-R and ADOS-2 training with Carol- excellent trainer. BB - CPN
Very detailed course that prepares you well for ADOS-2 administration and scoring. CJ - Speech and Language Therapist
Very good discussions, classified many points regarding ASD. Helpful discussions about clinical dilemmas and difficult, challengning cases. Thank you. SH - Consultant Community Paediatrician
Very useful, pleasantly presented and comprehensively covered. AH - Psychiatrist
Very well organized & knowledgeable trainer. No Name - Consultant/Psychiatrist
Very well-presented course. The presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging, allowing everyone to contribute equally. Excellent and very enjoyable. Thanks. AJ - CNS
Well organised. Good opportunities for discussions and debate. LG - Clinical Specialist Practitioner
Well run and informative with good practice opportunities. -

Feedback Scores

Overall quality of the course: Overall Score 4.75.


Helpfulness in learning to administer the ADOS-2: Overall Score 4.76.


Helpfulness in learning to administer the ADI-R: Overall Score 4.76.


Helpfulness in learning to code the ADOS-2: Overall Score 4.81.


Helpfulness in learning to code the ADI-R: Overall Score 4.81.


99% of course delegates said they would recommend BeginningwithA to their colleagues.

The above scores were averaged on on a 5-star scale from delegates attending BeginningwithA courses over a six-month period from October 2015 to March 2016.